Thursday, December 13, 2012

Random Monkey Talk


No! It's not scissors, paper, LASAGNA!
Well, you are playing with your feet.

Mmmm, Mum! Do you want to smell my beautiful armpits? They smell delicious!

Captain Jack Sparrow has to watch out when he steps on razor mindys.
(me) Oh, OK. I suppose he does. What are razor mindys?
You know! Those things that you step on in the rainforest water!

Whoah! That is a BIG lump of hair!

(groaning) Ohhh, I think I broke my karma.

Oh, look up in the sky! I can see the planet 'Penis'!

NO, he isn't meditating, he is sensatorising with gods.

Hello, Hello, Hello Mr King. I'm going to punch you in the KIWIS!!

What sort of interesting chat do you overhear in your house?


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