Thursday, December 6, 2012

Make it easy for yourself this Christmas

Recently Coles Online asked me to write some posts for their blog (you can read one here). This involved using Coles Online to order grocery and other items, and this is the post where I tell you about my experience.

Fact: I am an emotional shopper.

I like to look at items, hold them in my hands, read labels, and look at them with my eyes. Of course you cannot do that with online ordering, so I took a deep breath and logged on, sure the experience would leave me feeling unfulfilled and disappointed..

Fact: I am now a converted online shopper. True story.

  1. You choose the time and place that your groceries are delivered. You can have it delivered to your office, to your infirm and unwell great aunt, before school, on the weekend or after hours. Very flexible.
  2. The small delivery fee was much more palatable than braving the stores at this time of year. Not to mention the joy of skipping the cut throat experience of the car park! I might be an emotional shopper but I am not emotionally equipped for that!
  3. The website is very easy to navigate, much easier than using a trolley with a dodgy wheel. You can take as long as you like in the virtual aisles, with no other shoppers annoying you.
  4. Online aisles mirror actual aisles in the store, so if you have a mental map of where everything is, it will still be valid. There is a handy search function too, so you don't have to wander around looking for something tiny and obscure.
  5. Anything you can buy in Coles, you can get at Coles Online. 50g of shaved ham from the deli? If you insist. Promotional items? No problem. ALCOHOL? Why yes!!
  6. I loved that you can peruse items by cost. This was an eye opener for me because I like to think I am pretty good at getting the best for my money, but when I sorted by cost I was surprised to see my regular item was not the top result..
  7. You can pay for your groceries, change your mind, and go back and change your order. I may have done this several times...
  8. You can pay with a credit card or with eftpos at the time of delivery. You can still use your flybuys card and you will still recieve a discount fuel voucher.
  9. My groceries may not have been delivered by Curtis Stone, but the delivery drivers where super friendly and pleasant, and they carry your groceries in and put them on your kitchen bench. Which is more than my family do, generally.
  10. Everyone I spoke to in relation to this experience was remarkably friendly, polite, helpful and intelligent. FOR REAL. I was astonished too. I think the call centre has won some awards for customer service, and rightly so. Phone and utility companys should take a lessons.
Now for the few things that went wrong. Chin up, there is a happy ending.

Some of my first order wasn't included in the delivery, it was only a few items. I phoned to advise them and there was no drama, no denial; just a calm, friendly person who put a credit to my online account without any fuss or nastiness whatsoever. Which made me very happy!!

There is a minimum order of $50, so if you needed those missing items in a hurry you would need to go into the store to find them. But if you can wait until your next order, no problem.

I think I will be using Coles Online alot from now on, especially to buy everything I need for Christmas day. I am so looking forward to having someone else lug that ham and turkey into my kitchen for me!

And that's it. If you want to save yourself some angst this Christmas, pour yourself a cooling glass of something nice and head online. Much more pleasant than heading into the Christmas crowds!


Disclaimer - Coles Online provided me with online credit to enable me to experience their product. All words and opinons are entirely my own.


  1. Alcohol? Really? I used to get groceries delivered. I really should start again. I really hate shopping at the moment. Rachel x

  2. I was only saying yesterday I am going to get groceries delivered before Christmas. From Coles of course!

    My brain tends to get overwhelmed by everything in the shop, even if I have a list. I like the idea of being able to shop and see the cost as I go.

  3. Thank God for home shopping I say - especially at this time of the year. I cant stand the crowds of rushing testy people ;) Have a fab weekend - especially since you dont have to go grocery shopping :) xx


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