Friday, December 14, 2012

Chaos Notes - Pre Christmas

This is not really a Christmas post. It is a rambling catch up as are all of my Chaos Notes.
OK, it is a little bit Christmassy but not really. Just don't expect any elves on shelves.

So, we kissed another school year good bye. The Gentleman came home with a very decent report card, even after having 2 different class teachers (and a lot of relief teachers). He gave the teacher a strawberry plant in a pretty strawberry pot, with a card saying 'Thanks for helping me grow'. (Thanks, Pinterest!) Instead of traditional Christmas Cards, we made some photo cards and stuck a marshmallow on each one, which was well received because the School Principal had emailed the parents requesting No Candy Canes be distributed! I know! it's catholic school, a teacher gives them lollies at least once a week, for heavens sake! Well, technically these are not candy canes, and I bought them before I received your email, so suck on that, Captain No-Fun. Enjoy your retirement.

We took the boys to meet Tigger from the 100 Acre Wood, which was super awesome! Tigger had bounced into town to get everyone excited about Disney Live! Mickey's Rockin Road Show, which will be in Brisbane on January 6th and 7th, before heading north to Townsville, Cairns and Darwin.
The Gentleman dourly drank his tea, sure that it was all going to be terribly boring.
But he got over that quickly ...

A lovely lady from Oklahoma really cheered him up and got all the kids excited! She had everyone singing and dancing, and she answered lots of questions from interested children and their parents.

She must have over excited Tigger as well, because he ran out and gave her this hug that really knocked the wind out of her! Maybe they are just very close? Very cute! The kids look a bit non plussed and Danielle calls for her 5LR to get back.

I think Tigger is in a permanent state of excitement, he was certainly very bouncy the whole time! I tried to get photos of Danielle having a little dance with him but I wasn't fast enough - I think they where doing the bump. Doesn't she have a lovely smile?

I harvested the last of the first summer corn. I can plant at least another crop before the season ends. I've been thinking hard about a Paleo Diet, but I don't think I can give up corn. Or rice. I can give up white bread though, but maybe not pasta. Baby steps people.

I think I have gone into the rack business. (No, not Hooters!) I really like making these and they are so expensive in the shops. These where picked up today, I've made a lot more that I will share with you soon.

School holidays weather has been all over the shop! Super hot, very windy, rainy, storms, blue skies again. During one rainy day we made ..I don't know what you call it. You stick uncooked spaghetti into frankfurters then cook them until the pasta is soft. The boys had a lot of fun making and eating this. (Thanks again, Pinterest!)

At the boy's request I dug out this nativity scene, which was bought years ago from a deli (!!) I haven't decorated the house for Christmas yet, we always get a real tree about a week before Christmas and decorate then. If the tree went up on the 1st of December it would be a crispy brown fire hazard by Christmas Day. I will start decorating tomorrow, I promise - please don't send that evil looking elf to run havoc through my kitchen, it took me years to get over Chucky.

It's a Lego Christmas! Apparently.

I'll leave you with another rainy day activity - melting crayons into heart shapes. (Take a bow, Pinterest!) Surprisingly, this encouraged Monkey Boy to actually draw something. (I'm so grateful, Pinterest, feel free to take my firstborn!!)

How do you feel about a real tree? If I had a fake one I would have to decorate it with pine scented car fresheners, and that's not very festive.

Do you elf? I just cannot....


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  1. We have a non real tree, though I love the real ones, I can not handle the sneezing for 4 weeks :(. Must make those spaghetti sausage things these holidays, saw them a while ago...

  2. I recently read a blog that said she took a year to go from vegetarian to vegan. I am interested in the paleo diet, but it seems like such a big step, reading this other lady's thought made me realise you don't need to 'convert' overnight!

  3. I considered getting a real tree this year but hubby wasn't really onboard with the idea. Does it really only last that long???? Maybe I'll stop trying to convince him for next year - I like to get as much time as possible out of my christmas decorations!

  4. A deli? Now there's an interesting place to buy a nativity scene!
    Great idea on the strawberry plant present!

  5. In the rack business but not hooters hahahaha!

    Love it


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