Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A1 Flooring

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I was was complaining of The Corner of Shame?
It was actually a section of flooring that used to be a small veranda until it was closed in, opened up and became part of the lounge room.
Cast your mind back..
So ugly! Despite being the section you enter via the front door, many people claim not to have even noticed the floor, covered as it was with a rug and furniture. But I knew it was there, and looked at it every day.
Don't be distracted by the men in the family, look beyond them to the ugly chipboard.
At the back of the room, do you see it?
Well, finally...it's gone!
The part of the floor that needed covering was less than 7 square metres, but it took us a looooong time to decide what to cover it with.  

Our floor boards are hard to match. They are a mix of all sorts of hardwood, and are pretty common around here. I think that when all of these houses went up in the '70s, the builders used whatever they had, and this was it. I think they look great actually, but no one makes anything similar these days.

We considered vinyl, new hardwood, lino, tiles....even material that semi matched didn't work, as it had the wood grain running the wrong way. In the end, we went with teak looking bamboo floating floorboards. We didn't use an underlay, because it really wasn't warranted for this tiny area that would be covered with furniture anyway. There are no rooms underneath, so noise wasn't an issue; plus we wanted the level of the new flooring to be as close as possible to the original flooring.

It was installed in a matter of hours, but the lounge room looked like this for a while...

So completely worth it. I love that Mr BC is so handy, he is willing to give anything a go.

Almost finished! It does look slightly different, but I can live with that. It just needs a joining strip and some beading around the edges to be complete. The difference in levels ended up being less than 5mm, which is not enough to trip on.
After: Look at the 'Corner of Shame' now! It's still missing the beading, but at this stage I am so happy with the new floor I don't even care!
Before: Old 'Corner of Shame'. Yuk!

Ta-da! (excuse the Lego, there is no escape..)
I'm not completely happy with the joining strip being bronze metal, but the alternative was wood finished metal that came in 1 metre strips, meaning there would have been 4 joins in the strip. Which I thought probably wasn't a great idea.  Because the area we needed to cover was so small, the whole things came in at less than $200, and took approx 3 to 4 hours.

Yes the difference between the original floor boards and the floating floorboards is visible, but the improvement is so great that I honestly don't care. Like everything else in this renovation, it's a compromise that turned out great. It's not perfect, but I love it.


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  1. Yay, it looks great. You must be so happy. Where's the tradie's money box? Your husband needs to lift his game if he is going to do home improvements. Love the bare feet :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It looks like an acceptable match to me too. Much improved.

    WE can't escape the Lego here either .

  4. He's welcome to pop on over and do my floor too. When I moved in I said "that carpet in the lounge can't stay" - and given how filthy and stained it is now, I was right. Hard floors and kids go perfectly together.

  5. What a difference it makes!! Awesome for you - makes it easier to relax doesnt it :) looks fab :)

  6. Looks great! Nothing better then getting those jobs out of the way that you have wanted to do for ages! Definitely worth the effort by the looks of things.

  7. I had a whole house with that chipboard flooring!! It truly is feral!! Especially when you have a leaky roof and it gets wet!! I have tils now and am loving them!! Your new floor looks great!!

  8. much much better!
    the chipboard looked horrible - agree that it needed to be covered it
    the result looks great
    i adore that the Lego was consistent throughout the whole process!

  9. I think it looks great and you must be happy. When we did our kitchen there was an issue with damaged floor boards - when we tried to repair there was no option but to replace all the living area floors which was frustrating and expensive.

    Great job.

  10. I think it looks great! You're lucky Mr BC is so handy - you save heaps by doing jobs like this one yourself. I don't mind the slight colour differences either - gives it some personality (without being shameful!)

  11. Looks great. I think we all have areas like that in our homes that bother us, though others seem not to notice. Bet it feels great to have it done :-)


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