Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Morning at the Australian National Maritime Museum

Today, my guest poster is my sister, Cheryl Ann! Recently the Australian National Maritime Museum invited me and the monkeys along to the Mini Mariners Adventure, and having a love of all things pirate I immediatly said yes, and then realised that this was actually in Sydney. I was dissapointed, but the lovely pirate lady at the museum was more than happy to have Cheryl Ann and her minions attend in my place. This is her account. (you should know that she calls me Cheryl Ann as well. It's a sister thing. Just go with it)

Take it away, Cheryl!

A Morning at the Australian National Maritime Museum

I was thrilled when my sister Cheryl Ann asked if we would like to attend a Mini Mariners Morning Tea at the Australian National Maritime Museum on the 31st October. A family outing to the big smoke is always exciting. The morning started with the lets-get-the-hell-out-of the-house stress (that old chestnut), and almost finished on the freeway to the City with Husband telling me I was in the wrong lane, which resulted in me getting all flustered and missing the lane to the Bridge, and then going through the Tunnel instead.  After a scenic detour through Kings Cross (Look Kids!!) and lots of choice banter to Husband, we finally got to Darling Harbour.
We were met in the foyer by a Pirate and her assistant shaking a tambourine. Master 5 and Miss 3 were a bit gobsmacked (are you a REAL Pirate??), but soon got into the swing of it with the other dressed up Mini Mariners (Cute!). 
We were taken on an interactive tour through the Museum by our Pirate Guide who pointed out special Pirate Artifacts while the Mini Mariners looked for hidden treasures.
Miss 3 was happy to get on all fours and and look for treasure while dodging sharks.


Once we finished the Tour we were taken to a special Pirate Room for Morning Tea. There were Pirate Books, activities - making a pirate hat, dress ups, puppet corner, story time and some awesome morning tea.
I thought Master 5 and Miss 3 might sit down quietly and do a pirate activity? No, it was straight into an all-out sword fight..

After Morning Tea we headed to the Pirate's! Adventure Land which was amazing! There was a 2 storey pirate ship with real sounding cannons.
Master 5 wasn't scared of a cannon.
A spooky pirate cave,
a treasure map with interactive games - clues were in the skull heads. 
Master 5 with some pretty freaky dummies. 
A hanging man (yes Husband, take a good look!)


On the way out we saw a REAL Pirate ship which we convinced Master 5 and Miss 3 that the Pirates arrived on!
We even got a goody bag! (345). Overall we had a great morning thanks to the Maritime Museum. The kids loved it and so did we.. 

Mini Mariners includes an interactive tour led by costumed guides, free play in the themed activity space, and entry to Pirates! Adventure Land.

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