Wednesday, November 7, 2012

White Blooms

I've chosen flowering plants for their scent,
but I think it might be time to branch out with some colour.
Travellers Palms have a gorgeous perfume, and I love their tropical vibe. 

Native Gardenia is actually a small tree, who's tiny flowers smell divine. 

Elderflower. Soon I might have enough to make Elderflower Cordial. 

Madagascar Jasmine is gorgeous and blooms outside my bedroom window. 

Gardenia's are the ones I love the most.
What is your favourite scented flower? Do you grow it in your garden?
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  1. Pretty flowers. We used to have a great big rose bush that would produce huge red roses.

  2. Lovely photos. I love the travellers palm too

  3. To hard to choose. But I just wanted to say how delightful your garden must be. I love jasmin.

  4. Without a doubt, Lilly of the Valley - georgous little white bell like flowers that smell divine and violets and sweet peas ...

  5. Gardenias are my favourite! Our old house had Bucketloads. Miss them xx

  6. Your garden must be gorgeous! I love irises.

  7. I am very jealous. I can't wait to have my own garden. Yours looks beautiful.

  8. I loved Gardenia. One of the most beautiful smells in the world. Rachel x

  9. Definitely gardenias. I'm running out of places to plant them. Boo!

  10. I have a notorious black thumb.

    Last year I killed mint.

    So are any of these hardy and can be grown now? I would LOVE to have scented blooms!

  11. So jealous of all your tropical flowers. Freesias are a favourite and I would give just about anything to grow a Frangipani. In Indo there is a pink one that smells like coconut - divine. xxx


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