Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Gentleman turns 8

Last weekend, The Gentleman turned 8. Every other birthday until now has been celebrated with a family trip to the zoo or a theme park, but this year there was going to be a party. He wanted to invite a few friends, as well as everyone in his class because no one likes to be left out.  This meant that it would be a party at a local park, after school. I suggested a sausage sizzle, which The Gentleman thought was a great idea. We took some soccer balls and some Frisbees, and everyone had a great time!

I made 40 lolly bags, which was enough for guests, as well as their brothers and sisters who might tag along, and a few spares. I came home with 3, so 40 was a good number. I used that thin metallic ribbon so they would be impossible to open without scissors, meaning they would have to be consumed at home. I didn't want 37 party happy children also hepped up on sugar! Take that shit home!

It also stopped the inevitable 'time to go home' fuss, because these where not handed out until the child was actually going. Lots of children mysteriously suggested it was time to leave! I think this is my best birthday idea ever.

I like to think I am a bit of a baker, but my oven has been broken for a few weeks. I ended up buying a large un iced slab cake from Woolies, and icing it myself. Not the highlight of my baking career but it was actually very delicious. Lots of 3rd and even 4th helpings, and the small bit that came home was scoffed up the next morning.

It was so windy we couldn't light the candles, but there was still a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to YOU.

Which gave The Gentleman a curious case of thrilled embarrassment..

In the lead up, lots of mums asked me what to buy as a present. My reply was Lego, Star Wars, or Star Wars Lego. I also made a point of saying not to go to any trouble, he would be happy with whatever he received, it wasn't about the presents....

.....but it was still overwhelming, to see such lovey presents being unwrapped by the most excited boy in the world. Some mums banded together to buy this, and I thought The Gentleman was actually going to do turn inside out, he was so EXCITED! He was also very touched that they had 'worked as a team'. Aaawwwwwwww!

So the next day pretty much looked like this!
His actual birthday was on Sunday, and after opening even more presents from the family, he requested Sushi Train for lunch. That's my boy!

This kid almost out does yours truly when it comes to sushi love.
He had two plates off the train and sushi in his mouth before his bum had even hit the seat.

He went hard, he went fast, and he kept going when everyone else was full.

Is he full yet? I'm not sure, look at those plates. He doesn't look full. He does look happy though.

Super happy. The best birthday ever!
Why do I look so dazed? I had seen the bill! Not that it mattered, it was certainly worth it.
Happy birthday my darling boy.
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  1. So clever that you thought to make extras! I didn't think to at the girl's party earlier this year. I had to rig pass-the-parcel so the birthday girl was the only one to miss out - luckily, she took it on the chin.
    Tying those lolly bags with ribbon was a stroke of GEN.I.OUS. Teach me more of your wisdom, master!

  2. happy happy birthday mr 8! November is THE BEST month of all to have a birthday xx


  3. Happy birthday to the Gentleman! Looks like fun was had by all. And I think your icing job was tip-top! :-)

  4. Happy Birthday Mr 8!!! What an awesome birthday. He looks like he had a brilliant time :)

  5. November certainly is the season to be jolly (or try to be) Mrs BC. Gone are the days when you can invite 6 kids and finish up doing 20 goodie bags because of the older or younger siblings that just so happen to come along/don't want to stay with Dad/don't won't to miss out on a goodie bag! I had my son's 6th birthday on Sunday. Invited 6 but did 12. Looks like a lovely day.


  6. Happy Birthday! It sounds like he had a fantastic birthday. What a lucky boy! Rachel x

  7. What a great party! I did something similar for my daughters 5th Birthday and, 8 years on, she still talks about it. Lovely photos too x

  8. What a great idea that the parents got together to get such an awesome gift! I'll have to remember that for the future

  9. He looks so excited and thrilled with all his birthday festivities! You are so crafty even with a broken oven. Those slab cakes are very handy though.


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