Sunday, November 11, 2012

Meadowlea Switcheroo Winner

The winner of the Meadow Lea Switcheroo competition is ... (are you hearing a drum roll?)

Olivia K!

AnonymousOlivia K said...
There's no point trying to be too inventive when it comes to packing the school lunch. It's better to go with the things I know my daughter will eat or it will only come home again! We always have a 'munch & crunch' (fruit or raw vegetables); a vegemite, cheese or ham sandwich at the moment(we always use Meadow Lea not butter)OR leftovers (e.g. macaroni cheese), and some snacks (e.g. crackers, olives, dried fruit, cheese, yoghurt). I'll put something new in at least once a week and see what happens!
Congratulations, Olivia! Please email me your delivery details and $50 Westfield Voucher will be sent to you very soon.

In the meantime, feel free to listen to this.


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