Friday, November 2, 2012

Montville Organic Skincare (and a giveaway!)

I've always been a little obsessed with natural skincare, and was excited recently to find that there was an inspirational business in my area making a range of delicious organic skincare. There are three things I loved in particular about Montville Organic Skincare...
  • The ingredients are not only truly organic, they are vegan friendly, fair trade and cruelty free, and they are expertly combined to make beautiful products that actually really work!
  • MOS is a proud UNICEF Champion for Children Partner, that contributes to the education, protection and nourishment of the worlds most desperate children.
  • This award winning business was founded by a busy mum of 3, something that leaves me in complete awe.
There are a few gorgeous giveaways at the end, but first let me introduce Amanda Tunney, the lady behind Montville Organic Skincare, who was gracious enough to answer my many questions!
What inspired you to start Montville Organic Skincare?

The roots of Montville Organic Skincare are as organic as the products; I have a background in natural therapies and started making custom skincare for sensitive noses and skin. The word spread and before I realised it I was making skincare all of the time, this was when I decided it was time to officially launch Montville Organic Skincare.

Did you feel daunted when you first founded MOS? How did you overcome this?
I did, I guess having 2 little boys at home contributed to feeling ultra-busy but my Mum was living with us at the time, my daughter was a little older and my husband was home most weekends so the family support was great. My children are older now, I have 2 at school and 1 about to start school next year so I can now dedicate more time to my career and, like most mums, it’s amazing how much I can fit into a few uninterrupted hours.

Where do you source such magical sounding ingredients for your products?
All of our products are Australian Grown; we don’t import anything as we feel it is important to build an Australian business on Australian products. Our suppliers are amazing and the quality is second to none, we feel very lucky to have built up such an amazing network.

What are the essentials that every woman needs in her beauty regime?
It depends on the age of the woman really, for me it’s moisturiser and lip balm, I can’t live without it, I have been known to pop home and grab my lip balm when I have forgotten it. The great thing about Montville Organic Skincare is that the products are so safe they are interchangeable, for example when I travel lightly I’ll take my moisturiser and lip balm as the moisturiser works as a make-up remover, a body lotion and a moisturiser. The lip balm works as a night time eye balm, a lip balm, a spot treatment for dry areas such as elbows and knees and it’s also great for mosquito bites and minor scratches. If we are talking about teenagers, the Lily Cleanser is a must, it’s anti-bacterial, gentle and natural, you really don’t need chemicals to fight acne, there are great alternative products that are just as effective but mush safer.

What are your favourite products in the MOS range and why?
I’m as busy as most Mums so when I am in a hurry, or haven’t really had as much water as I should, I need my lip balm, moisturiser and 10 serum, I love mineral make-up but it can be difficult to prevent it for settling into wrinkles as you get older, the 10 serum allows me to look great in mineral make-up even as a middle aged woman.

Does beauty come from within?
Absolutely, the most beautiful women I know wouldn’t be found on a catwalk, beautiful women are kind, strong, smart, funny, loving and gentle, none of these qualities generate from physical appearance yet they can be seen radiating from within.

What 3 qualities do you most admire in others?
Confidence, I’m a naturally shy person and have had to work on my confidence as an adult so I really admire people that are naturally confident. Kindness, kind people make the world a better place, they help everyone to feel loved and special. Peace, I love being around peaceful people,  some people radiate stress and I find that very difficult to be around, I don’t do drama well, it’s so nice to be around peaceful people.

What would you tell your 15 year old self, if you could?
I would say, you may feel like you are doing everything wrong but don’t worry because everything will turn out right. I believe teenagers still feel that way, sometimes it feels like the world is against you and you can’t see past the next day, if only they could see how great their life could be.

What inspires you every day?
I am inspired by my youngest sons zest for life, my oldest son’s sense of morals and my daughter’s sense of world outrage. I wouldn’t be surprised if I raised a rock star, and academic and an overseas aid worker, they are 3 very different personalities and that makes me excited about what is ahead for me as a parent.

What is the one thing you want young women everywhere to know?
You are perfect. You are perfect. You are perfect.
Women don’t hear that enough.

Check out the full range here.

Isn't that the most inspirational thing you have every read?

MOS sent me some products to try and I asked Teenage Daughter to help me put them to the test. She was super impressed with the Lily Cleanser, and we have both become addicted to the Lip Stuff. We've also been using 10 and 1 serums, that glide on luxuriously and each contain a selection of amazing Australian grown essential oils. I think we're hooked. It's skincare made the way it should be.

  • 2 packs each containing 1 Shae Lip Stuff and 1 Dead Sea Mineral Salt bath Soak for 2 lucky winners.
  • To enter, please leave a comment telling me your best beauty tip (make sure you include a valid email address)
  • This is a game of skill. The winners will be drawn and announced on 20th November.
  • Open to anybody, but the prizes will only be shipped within Australia. 
Good luck!

Montville Organic Skincare can be bought online. You can also follow them on facebook.




  1. My beauty tip is - always remember to put sunscreen on your hands and neck - so often overlooked - two places that women show their age the most!


  2. Ooh, I've been looking for organic, natural skincare for a while now, and haven't settled on the right one. If you recommend this, I'll have to give it a go. Great that it's local too!!

    My beauty tip: Only put mascara on your outer eyelashes to make your eyes seem bigger!

  3. Mumpreneurs just amaze me. To create your own product and start your own business is a feat in itself, but to do it with 3 kids to look after? Sheesh! *tips hat*
    I have sensitive skin and I hate spending money on products to then react and not be able to use them
    My best beauty tip? Well, I don't use eye cream. Instead I use vaseline, smoothing a little around my eyes every night before bed. I never have bags under my eyes and I'm often told I don't look my age. So it must be working??!

  4. My best tip would be to accentuate the things that you love and forget about the bits you don't. Learn how to work your best bits and everybody will be so entranced by those parts they won't even notice the things that you don't like.

  5. Hello Mrs BC. I love your age: '40mumble mumble'. We live near the water, too ... it gives me much solace and b/c it's Tasmania, and sometimes cold, we have the place to ourselves. Anyway, the giveaway also looks great. My favourite beauty tip is to try not to judge the appearance of others in a negative way - the less you beat up on others, the less you'll think that way about yourself as you won't be in the habit (although if it is a REALLY BAD hair day, my other tip would be to cut out a photo of Angelina Jolie and stick it to a brown paper bag and place over your head :)

  6. Biggest most important thing I do is to always clean my face twice a day with a good cleanser and then use and SPT 30 moisturiser.
    The other thing is to have as much no make up time as possible. Gotta let your skin breathe.

  7. My best tip is: keep a permanent marker in your makeup drawer and note the date that you open the item on the packaging. Most cosmetics and skincare only last for 6 or 12 months after opening, so the date-marking ensures you avoid using expired and old products on your face!

  8. This product is exactly what I've been looking for and the tips are great but as I'm also 40mumblemumble the best beauty tip I can always remember is to smile at the world.

  9. My best beauty tip is to laugh more and forget about other people's opinions of you. You really are beautiful, just the way you are. Yeah right! I actually slap on the moisturiser like a clown doing a pie throwing gag ;)

  10. show no emotion. At all.

    Never leave the house and keep the blinds drawn at all times.

    And don't own a mirror.

    That way you will never get wrinkles.

  11. Loving these tips! Thankyou for such lovely words, Mrs BC x

  12. It's great when you find a product that you love.

  13. Well done for all your hard work in providing this high quality blog.Thanks for great information you write it very clean.


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