Friday, November 23, 2012

5 things I love right now

Thalgo Deliciously Comforting Moisturising Cream. You know those days when you have had too much sun/wind/wine/cold/household drudgery and your skin feels dry and lifeless? Smooth this on (so comforting!) and overnight your skin will be soothed, moisturised and plumped as if by magic. I love it.
Mango Season. I might make a little daiquiri to celebrate. Wheeee!
You don't need a time machine back to 1990, here is the recipe for you.

Mango Daiquiri

Flesh of 1 large ripe mango
1 shot tequila - use the measure from your cocktail cabinet.
1 shot of Bacardi Rum
1 shot of Triple Sec
juice of 1 lime
half a cup of sugar syrup (recipe's in your cocktail book)
about 1 cup of ice.

Blend the fuck out of everything and serve in Mexican hand blown blue enormous wine glasses.
With maybe a cheese and spinach cobb.
Remember that chipboard floor feature in my lounge room that I complained of last week? We've bought the floating floorboards to cover it! It's going to happen! I know this picture doesn't look like much to get excited about but I am SO excited! (we did buy more than one, I promise)

These beautiful Frangipane flowering in my back yard bring the promise of holidays just around the corner. Bring it on! I am soooooo ready for some holidays!
Vitamin B1. One a day will stop mosquitoes and midges from biting.
I thought it was just an old wives tale but it is a true story!
Whats blowing your skirt up today?


  1. Yay for the new floor! Mine has been delayed due to teenager needing braces so I am very jealous right now! You must let me know if the B1 works on the mozzies because they have been driving me nuts lately

    Jos xx

  2. Cheers to the daquiri! May I also suggest using Bacardi's new spiced rum? It's delicious as a mixer and I think it would go great with the mango! Mmmmmmm

  3. We have been taking Vit B1 to stop mozzie and midgie bites but haven't really beed outside at dusk since we started taking them (or I should say I have been taking them because I don't think A has been even though he is the one who gets bitten the most !!!)
    Love the plank of wood - so glad to hear you bought more than one!
    Have the best day !
    #FYBF visitor

  4. I am going to hav to check out the B1. I wonder if children can take them. Rx

  5. Love Mangos and Frangipanis! Love this time of year! :)


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