Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Dogs Life

Kora the Labrador has a pretty good life. I think she likes living with us.
She is very clever, and easy to teach. She had a few bad habits when she arrived but it was no drama to convince her to stop jumping up and to stay off the furniture. Well, she still jumps a little bit but stops when you tell her to. She just wants to give you a cuddle.

She likes to make out that she is a posh Miss, but sometimes I find her being a little unlady like.

The second she hears me get my camera out she sits up straight with perfect lady like posture.
She likes having her photo taken, but only on her terms.

So she probably wouldn't like the next photo, taken while she was asleep.

She also talks in her sleep and snores, but don't tell her, she'd only be embarrassed.
Like many labradors, she loves to eat and has been known to steal the occasional slice of toast. She has treats sometimes, and a meaty bone now and then.

She is adored, and loves to be cuddled. She is very gentile.

She likes to check on everyone at night, to make sure they are safe and tucked up in their bed. We hear her paws pit patting around the house, her wagging tail clunking into things, before going back to sleep herself.

Surprisingly, she is not an enthusiastic swimmer, although she adores paddling around in the shallows and rolling in the sand.



  1. She's gorgeous...I much needed & loved addition to the family :)

  2. She looks like a great dog. Pets really add something to a family don't you think?

  3. What a beautiful dog! It definitely looks like she enjoys living with you :)

  4. She is gorgeous!! Pity she does like small fluffy dogs. Rxx

  5. The dog love to sit in the couch potato.

  6. Loving the bean bag pic. She's gorgeous Lise!xxx


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