Thursday, August 16, 2012

Projects in Progress

Projects! I has them. A lot of them. A lot of unfinished projects that hang around like neglected children with their little orphan faces pleading for attention.

It's sad. Shamefully so.

I've blogged whinged about it before, but here is the deal - there are only so many hours in the day, and I cannot neglect the other real children that need attention, and I must pay attention to their laundry, too. Apparently. Yes, excuses, but true. So, what I have done is written a (partial!) list of unfinished projects and given them their very own page. Maybe now they will feel a bit special? If I ever finish a project, I will blog about it and link to it in the Project List. So now you can see my progress and I will be more likely to actually make some! It's a win win situation!

In the meantime, let me introduce you some projects that are patiently waiting.

This is Mrs P's Reading Chair. Mrs P was the much loved mother of a friend, who sadly passed away many years ago. She loved to sit in this chair in her sun room, and read. We where lucky enough to be given this stylish chair, and every time I look at it I think of Mrs P. It is still super comfortable, and I can only imagine how lovely it will look when I eventually reupholster it. It's very sturdy. So far I have replaced the seat cushion.

These are some small shelves I made using the router on some pine off cuts. Mr BC has shaped some corbels to go underneath, and they have been painted in gloss white. For some reason they are yet to make it to the walls. At the back are some coat racks that need to be painted, have their hooks attached and then be attached to the walls. You wouldn't think this would take much time would you?

Ahh. the ugly sofa. I hated this sofa when my parents bought it new, I hated it when it came to live with me, and I hate it even now. Why do we keep it? Because it is a sofa bed, which we need. I am halfway into up cycling it into a sofa ottoman, and just need to upholster it and attach some wheels -it weighs a tonne! It gave me particular satisfaction to rip off those hideous green stripes. Very cathartic.

I love this lampshade, but man, it is old and worn out. It is so old that this pattern has now come back into fashion. I would be happy to live with it but the lining inside is cracked and falling apart, and the circle part that sits on top of it has disappeared. I'm thinking of using the frame and recovering it in a map, but this seems so trendy I might be sick of it next week. I hate stuff that is on-trend, don't you?

We call this the Captains Chair, I have no idea why. We seem to give all our chairs names, but not sofas or cars, they are only known by their colour. Strange....anyway! This chair belonged to Mr BC's Nana. it was white with floral upholstery, but I stripped off the white, gave it a mild honey coloured stain and a good rub with beeswax, and then I ...kinda got sidetracked halfway through the re upholstery. The springs are still good but need re tying. I'm leaning towards faux leopard for the seat, but not sure about the wood. It has a fair bit of carving and was such a bitch to strip, I would feel bad about painting it. Stay tuned.

This, my friends, is The Dolly Express. Santa bought it for Teenage Daughter when she was 3. She loved that Dolly Express so; it had a white seat, white ribbons off the white handlebars, white pedals, it had a big pink tray at the back and a lovely 'Dolly Express' sign at the front. She would put on her fairy wings and tutu and pedal her little heart out up to the bakery, fill the tray with bread and pedal home. Ahh, memories.. age may have wearied The Dolly Express but we all still love her. Every child that comes here has a ride, even in her current state! So far I have removed the pedals, and replaced the front wheel with a wheel from an old pram. Still to come; a silver paint job and a polished wooden seat. She'll be stylin'.

So, am I an upcycler genius, or a hoarder? Don't answer that!



  1. I love that you can see more life in these objects. I probably would have tossed them but regretted it. Rx

  2. I think we must be related in a past life. You should see my shed. Good luck with the projects. Your progress might make me move mine along a little too.
    Mrs Catch

  3. Oh you know this is my sort of post to love. I love all these projects you've got lined up and your plans for them. Very eager to see end results.

  4. So many projects! Some days my only project is that washing you mentioned.

    I love the captains chair and think it would look great with leopard.

    Are you reupholstering the sofa bed? So fancy:)

  5. I can't wait to see what these look like when with their up-dos. :) And I've never ripped apart an old sofa before, but judging from the photo it looks very therapeutic. I might have to try it some time.


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