Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration

I have been crazy for a new kitchen for ages - it feels like years, and it has been. There has always been something more urgent or important that requires the kitchen reno budget. I have tweaked and re tweaked the design so many times, sourced and resourced materials and finishes endlessly..sometimes a new kitchen feels so close, but at other times it feels like it will never happen. This makes me stabby.

Our kitchen is very tiny, maybe 3.5 metres by 2 metres total. It is a galley style which is great to cook in but if more than one person is there it is claustrophobic - for me anyway. I'd really like to push a pantry out to create more floor space, and create another door by the oven, but this will mean losing almost all my bench space, and some of the lounge room floor as well. It might be worth it...

So far, we have
  • refinished the bottom cupboard doors in white
  • replaced the old tap ware with a shiny new extender hose version
  • removed an eyesore of a range hood
  • installed a new 90cm stainless steel range
  • installed a new stainless steel finish dishwasher
  • installed a new 2 door stainless steel finish fridge/freezer.
  • replaced all the door handles
  • repainted, but that was ages ago and is ready to be refreshed.

Things left to do
  • replace those bottom cupboard door fronts, the refinish isn't great
  • rip out some cupboards that go across the oven wall
  • replace with a giant stainless steel range hood (which we have already bought)
  • pull out a stupid pantry and rebuild it in white so that it reaches the ceiling
  • install some glass fronted cupboards across the wall between the pantry and the oven wall
  • new splash back in white subway tiles
  • new bench tops in stainless steel.
  • maybe put a conservatory window in above the sink.
  • build a bookshelf in across the side of the fridge, for cookbooks.

Things I must have in the new kitchen that are non negotiable
  • Subway tiles
  • white shiny cupboards on the bottom, glass fronted white at the top
  • top cupboards should go all the way to the ceiling, I need as much cupboard space as I can possibly get.
I would love an airy light filled kitchen with an island bench, with some stools for friends to sit on. OMG I would love a walk in pantry. Maybe some architectural details and some french doors leading to a deck or garden......

Do you dream of a new kitchen? Here are some pictures to inspire you.








  1. This is my porn. I love kitchens. I love that yellow door, it is so happy and perky.

  2. The yellow door is gorgeous against the white. You obviouslly lean towards the white kitchens! They are so bright and clean looking.

  3. Oh, yes! I dream of a new kitchen all of time. After I graduate in December, hopefully I can get a job quickly so that we can afford the kitchen in my mind. : ) I want all white with splashes of color from my appliances, bowls, etc. day!

  4. I'm drooling over these photos thinking, "Must. Buy. House. Must. Go. Kitchen. Crazy." Besides, I'm pretty sure that renovation means getting to use a sledge hammer. Right? :P

    P.S. You guys have some truly amazingly fast olympic swimmers.

    P.P.S. Happy Imbolc! :)

  5. I dream and dream and dream. I'm with Redcliff Style - this is my porn! x

  6. This kind of kitchen like dream come true.


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