Sunday, August 12, 2012

10 Happy Things

1 This rocket was all grown from seed!  I just threw the seeds in, and have been eating rocket (almost) ever since. This makes me feel like a Gardener, and a healthy one at that!

2 Living near the ocean. I love that I can walk along the shore every day, and tell the Pacific Ocean my troubles while it sighs and waves. I always feel much better when I get home.

3 Watching the boys try new things. Squash! Who would have thought?

4 - I love that before they had finished consuming all this sugar, I was able to kiss them goodbye and leave them with Mr BC while I went to a friends house..which brings me to the next point.

5 Friends who can bake!

6 Discovering new services in my local community. What a charming mobile salon this is.

7 Meeting colourful locals at the farmers markets.

8 Cooking for my family always makes me very happy. Oven roasted tomatoes, eggplant and red capsicum with home made hummus, tabbouleh pasta salad, (plain pasta for those that like that) fresh bread, and the star of the show was a large (Mr BC caught) fresh bream, baked in middle eastern spices and served with some coriander to sprinkle over the top.

9 New Shoes! New shoes always make me super happy but these extra comfortable espadrilles where only $5, so I am loving that.

10   I love seeing my family happy, and these boys love a spirited game of 'Let's wrestle Dad and the dog on the beanbag". Shenanigans! I also love that Kora really thinks it's fun as well.

What is making you happy today?



  1. Love your happy things! How good does that dinner look?!?! What farmers markets do you go to??!


Thanks for your comment!

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