Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cooking with the harvest from my vegetable garden.

Oops, let me rename this correctly:

Cooking with the harvest from my vegetable garden -

Sorry to disappoint you, but this is not the harvest from my vegetable garden.
Keep scrolling down to see my awesome potato growing efforts.

Yep, there they are. To be fair, I knew that potatoes don't grow best in an old wheel barrow, but it was the only garden space I had available and I had a few gourmet potatoes that had started to sprout. Potatoes like to be in a bed that is constantly built up around them, so their stems turn into roots and form new potatoes. And these gourmet ones where a small cultivar, anyway..

I dug over the bed and thought about what else to grow there. I'm super keen to grow flowers here but we are in the middle of a very cold (for here) winter, so I thought in the meantime I could grow a quick crop of something else, while we wait for it to get warmer.

Radishes are a super quick crop, and can be eaten cooked, which is nice because I don't like them raw. Have you ever cooked radishes? They lose their bityness and taste sort of nutty. Nice in a stir fry. These look like carrots, I might roast them.....if they grow.

I was determined to cook those tiny taties so I sliced them thinly and sauteed them in some butter with onion and bacon, and when they had cooked I added peas, then put the lid on to steam for 5 minutes. Delicious!

Served with sumac roast pumpkin that I didn't grow, and schnitzel.

The salad a the back was tiny roast beetroot and Persian feta cheese on a bed of the beetroot leaves and some coral lettuce. I did take a photo of the beetroots but they where so tiny you couldn't see them.



  1. I was all excited for a minute there... ;-)

  2. They're kind of cute in a lonely sort of way. :P When does your winter start and end down there? I think it's almost exactly the opposite of ours (Strictly speaking we start winter December 21st and end March 21st, but it always seems to go from November to early April).

    And don't feel bad. We bought some cilantro at farmer's market one week. Two days later it was toast. The green thumb does not run in my family.

  3. Such cute spuds :-)

    I throw in radish in veggie soup. I blogged about radish leaves last night as I found out you can eat them!!!

    Keep up the green thumb.

  4. Haha, that was great. I love the excellent spread you put on. When are we meeting at your place? Rachelx

  5. Potatoes don't grown in a wheelbarrow? Pinterest lies!

    You did a very good job with your 'produce' though. Beetroot and fetta is my new favourite thing.

  6. Oh you completely fooled me on facebook! I had imagined all that warm Queensland sunshine growing amazing produce for you. I feel much better about my frost ravaged mess of a so called garden. xxx

  7. Baaahaha. Love it. I especially like your tiny potato justifications. That was my favourite bit!

    Dinner looks good too. I could go some of that. ;)


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