Thursday, July 19, 2012

5 Gorgeous Chaos Notes

Last night, Teenage Daughter and I went to the Queensland Premier of the New Batman movie - The Dark Knight Rises. I had won tickets through The PR Company's face book page, which was pretty cool. I am not a Batman nut, although I do sometimes have up lady thoughts about the caped crusader. If you like lots of special effects and violence, then this movie will be right up your ally. It has a few awesome twists, and is the final in the Dark Knight Trilogy. It is essentially the story of the Batman finding himself, and redemption, as he saves Gotham City.

We both really enjoyed the movie and had a fun night, then came home and brushed our teeth. It was only today when I picked up a local paper that I realised what a big deal it was to win these tickets. The US premier was this morning?  Then how did I see it last night? Hardcore Batman fans where staying up until midnight tonight for the Australian 'Premier', and bemoaning on face book how Imax had been sold out for months. Wish I'd known yesterday what a big deal it was. I'm not much of a Christian Bale fan, but let me tell you Anne Hathaway was an absolutely inpsired choice for Cat Woman. But why was this guy only around for the last half of the movie?

Monkey Boy's new favourite word is 'Gorgeous". Hello Gorgeous Mum! Your earrings are gorgeous! And your hands, I love them, they are gorgeous. Hello Kora, you gorgeous thing! Mum! This dinner is gorgeous! He is just gorgeous. But he lied about the dinner, he didn''t eat it at all. (pork spare ribs, corn on the cob and salad, really it was gorgeous) The Gentleman is starting to realise that he can actually read quite well, he just needs to stay on task and keep his eyes on the page. This is a bit of a lightbulb moment for him. Normally, he gets halfway through a sentence and stops to ask 6 questions; tonight he started to realise if he just kept reading, he would learn the answers. Amazing.

Who needs to read a recipe? It's gorgeous.

Kora is fitting into the chaos household so well. She is such a dainty lady, not at all the big boofhead lab that I am used to, although that was pretty special. She is very clever, and so gentle with the kids. She likes to jump up when she is excited, but stops when you tell her to. No excessive barking, no digging, no taking clothes off the line, no chewing, no innapropriate dog wee, thank god. She loves to eat and we are going to have to be careful or she will put on weight in no time. Also, she is constantly licking the floor - gross, yes; but the floor has never looked so clean. Lucky we recently acquired a steam mop!

I went to dinner last Saturday and ate the best greek food - a giant platter of chicken, octopus (I know)haloumi cheese, proper greek salad, lemon potatos, cucumber yoghurt dip and some beautiful soft fresh pita bread. And lots of red wine, and funny cool friends to hang with. It was just lovely to go out and have fun! I should do it more often. Well, like tommorow - I am having lunch with 4 other brilliant bloggers. Looking forwad to it!

Remember my post about bananas being bad luck for fishing? It's true.

2 Taylor, 2 Flatheads, 2 Bream. OK, not all from one fishing trip..

What's been going on with you?


  1. Another movie night! You are on a roll. How exciting that you go to see it early but it definitely would have been more exciting to know in advanced how special you were :)

  2. Your son's love of the word gorgeous is very cute! My big boy's word of the month is beautiful. That scarf is beautiful mum. Ava's headband is beautiful. Oh I like this jumper, its really beautiful. Lol. I love it.


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