Sunday, May 20, 2012

Elastoplast Product Review and Giveaway (the post where I give you the finger alot)

You know, I like doing product reviews. I get to try out stuff, give my honest opinion, and then I get the chance to give something to you. This time I am reviewing Elastoplast and the giveaway is worth $150, so read on.

Elastoplast, via Soup, have sent me some of their new plasters to review - which is awesome, because they are my favourite brand of plaster. They are perfect for blisters on your heel because in my opinion they are the only plaster that will not fall off.

Now they are even better, because they are waterproof. Yes, I know - a fabric plaster that is waterproof! Not only that, they will not fall off yet they will not leave any grey sticky stuff on you that is impossible to get off. It must be some kind of magic. I was very keen to put them to the test, so I got right to it.

The water just beads up and runs off the plaster, leaving it bone dry.

This test didn't seem hard enough, so I made up a bit of a Tough Mudder course for it. I left  the plaster on my finger for exactly 24 hours. The course consisted of;
  • 3 loads of laundry and then hanging it on the line.
  • Cleaned the bathroom, including scrubbing the bath tub.
  • Wrangled Monkey boy into halfway decent clothes.
  • Met some other bloggers for lunch and inhaled a large Chicken Katsu
  • Sat at the Estee Lauder counter and was colour matched with some nice foundation and given a 10 day supply (check their face book page, it's free)
  • Met the wino mums at the park and drank lots of wine.
  • Went home and attempted to order pizza online. How hard does it have to be?
  • Went out for dinner (Thai) with Mr BC, then onto a movie (Dark Shadows - hilarious)
  • Slept on the couch because my bed was full of small children who had wet theirs.
  • Awoke to find Mr BC had gone fishing, made the children some breakfast, did MORE laundry, then thought Why on earth do I have a plaster on my finger?

To be honest, cleaning the bathroom did make the plaster a bit soggy, but it quickly dried and I forgot it was there.

It looked a bit grungy after it's tough mudder course, but it came off easily and left absolutely NO residue, which is something I hate.

The Giveaway

I have one $150 voucher for one lucky reader to spend at House. No, not your house! The cookware retailer! There are stores across Australia, and you can shop online. Most of my mishaps that require plasters happen in the kitchen, so it fits well - once I cut my finger so badly it required 3 stitches and if that wasn't bad enough, water proof plasters hadn't been invented yet. Oh, the inconvenience! You can buy a decent set of knives and really do some damage if you want, which is why the winner will also receive two packets of Elastoplast waterproof plasters.

To enter, please leave me a comment telling me about the last time you needed a bandaid - the comment that makes me laugh the most will win. Australian residents only (sorry). Winner to be announced 27th May 2011. One entry per post please.

I'll be doing another fun test on Wednesday, make sure you drop by for another chance to enter!



  1. LOL, I love that you did Tough Mudder for your finger. That is awesome. It's funny, I had a little flash of bandaid talk at lunch but I must have been in an eating trance.

    The last time I needed a bandaid was as a placebo for my 6 yo. She had some weird ache so I threw a bandaid on and it got better. Magical.

    The last time I used one on me, was last week. I was all masterchef in the kitchen and cut my finger. I really should know to slow down with the chopping but it doesn't look as good.

    Rachel x

  2. "it will be good not to find soggy bandaids in the bathroom from the four year old daily wounds!".

    Nanna Shan

  3. the last time I needed a band aid was the other night.. On my nightly rounds to make sure the kids were tucked up tight I stood on a piece of evil lego. While doing a painful lego hurt dance I slipped and cut the poor foot that trod on the lego..

    Even more embarrassing the only bandaids I had left were bright pink Barbie ones.. Oh the shame :P

  4. The last time that I needed a baindaid was a couple of weeks ago when I was using a rotary cutter to cut out some fabric (of course!) and I rolled it straight over my knuckle!! I found out 2 things...rotary cutters are super sharp & that cutting your knuckle takes forever to heal!
    The Simpsons baindaids were not the best fashion accessory!

  5. I agree with Rach, the Tough Mudder thing is gold! Haha.

    Last time I needed a bandaid I was attempting to fix a leaking pipe in our main bathroom. Well fix is a bit of a stretch, more a patch up job until suitable husband shaped people arrived. Apparently not so waterproof when the water is constant and coming from the inside. Just saying.

  6. I am madly trying to remember the last time I actually used a bandaid on me and not one of the munchkins, but nope, nothing and I really shouldn't be disappointed cos that means I haven't had a boo-boo that warranted one, and that's a good thing, right? Except in this case, cos a House voucher would've been great!

  7. Hmm last time i needed a band-aid was rather embarrassing...

    Gorgeous husband and i went on a day trip to Sovereign Hill and i decided to be comfortable and stylish by wearing my Havi thongs instead of runners (it was 35c!) Big mistake... After not even 30 mins there i slid straight down the gravel on a hill and only when i stopped hysterically laughing did i realise i had scratched my knee up pretty badly and...oh... landed in *rather fresh* horse poop!
    If only i would have had a big bandaid for my injured ego!


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