Monday, September 27, 2010

Its been a busy month..

Im glad this month is over, it's been full on. Fun, sometimes. Not fun, some of the time.

  • My Dad is so far cancer free, & is home snug in his little house on the prairie. His appetite is returning, & he is excited about cooking, & eating. He doesn't need to have radiation therapy, but will still need to go through a lengthy course of chemo. Today he turned 70. Happy Birthday, Dad!
  • Monkeyboy & the Gentleman spent 3 days at my inlaws - they where supposed to stay an extra 2 days but must have worn out their poor Nanny, who called to request we pick them up early...Pop was dressed & ready to go to bowls when we got there. He was waiting for us to arrive, so he could leave. They came home loving the phrase 'Poopy Head', which I am sure is not on high rotation at the in laws & cannot think where they picked it up. Usefull, though. Especially in the traffic jam home.
  • While they where away, we got heaps of stuff done, drank wine, ate out twice, & slept alot. We also missed them a huge amount. I actually gave myself a stern talking to about separation anxiety. Then I made this & got over it. I made this out of an old skirt of Cheryls (Thanks Sis!), a frame from a truly hideous painting, some wadding, a piece of cardboard from the bottom of a soft drink carton, and plenty of duct tape. I love the material, & I'm glad to be able to see it every day. It's also handy to display my (dangly only) earrings, so I don't forget to wear them. I wish I had made the material tighter over the wadding, but overall I'm enjoying the completed item, & am deriving a ridiculous sense of achievement from something that took hardly any time to make. Look out Etsy, haha. Do you like my Oscar? It says 'Worlds Best Mother'. Best Mothers Day present ever.
  • Teenage Daughter & I made homemade muesli, & in a few days I will post the recipe. Yum!
  • I finally got around to unpacking the last 6 boxes in Mr BC's work area/study. Then I had stern words with Mr BC regarding his 'filing system'. Do NOT get me started!
  • I planted some vegetable seedlings in our new raised vege gardens. This is a project that Mr BC has been building from recycled bricks for ages, & it deserves it's own post, so stay tuned. You can see it uncompleted in the background of the photos of the boys getting their hair cut. Also, I should point out that Mr BC is wearing those clothes for bricklaying, not haircutting purposes. The best part of planting these seedlings happened at Bunnings, after I finally found a box large enough to put them all in. The Gentleman said very loudly "Gee Mum! You sure do have a HUGE box!" Me, giggling nervously, avoiding eye contact with the 4 dozen people standing there smirking; 'Thanks Darling!'
  • We aquired 3 guinea pigs, complete with hutch, from a lovely family that recently got a new puppy. The guinea pigs are a mother & 2 daughters, named Milly, Molly & Misty. They look like wowser old biddies, rather than Beatrix Potter sweethearts, so have been renamed Enid, Beverly & Agnes. Agnes is the mum. Beverly makes the most noise & eats the most, way-hey she's a goer! Enid can be a bit 'nibbly' if she is cross. The hutch is painted a lovely Safety Yellow so it wont get run over in the traffic, and I think a repainting excercise is in order ...I'm thinking a nice creamy white with some sort of modernish folk art-like stencilling. Not 80s style at all. The hutch sits in a shady area of our lawn, where I hope one day to plant some Adirondack chairs under the palms. Also to be white as well. Maybe a stencil of Gin & Tonics?
  • School holidays are just past the halfway point, & today it stopped raining for the first time. Lucky, because I had a craptastic pile of laundry. Lucky, because I was running out of rainy day holiday activities for excitable boys. I did get extra brownie points for downloading & printing cool Transformer/Airbender/Ben10 colouring in pages. Which got boring after about 45 minutes...
  • Tommorow, the beach!
Mrs BC

Friday, September 24, 2010

Body Scrub - contains no unicorn turd!

I have been making this body scrub for about 12 months now, & I find it's really good at exfoliating, which is generally what I look for in a scrub. It is also moisturizing, made of completely natural, inexpensive ingredients; & is both quick AND easy to make.

I have been calling this 'Yummy Mummy' Body Scrub; but it won't actually tame your frau brow or scrub off 30kgs, nor will it give you fabulous hair or a BMW 4WD. You'd probably have to get in your BMW 4WD & drive to the brow wrangler, pilates class & your hairdresser for that. But first you'd have to have a BMW 4WD, & that's where my plan falls apart...

  • 10 tablespoons raw sugar. I use homebrand organic. Did you know that sugar contains Glycolic Acid, which is what a lot of big name skin care products name as their 'skin softening' ingredient?

  • 2 tablespoons of honey. Very soothing, & smoothing.

  • Finely grated zest, & the juice, of 1 lemon.

  • 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil. You can use grapeseed oil if you prefer, which has a finer texture. I started out with Olive Oil & have just stuck to it.

  • 3 drops of Lavender Oil. Unlike a lot of essential oils, this is completely safe for your skin, or even your stomach if you wanted to taste has some healing, antibacterial qualities, but I'm not so keen on the taste.

  • The contents of 1 Green Tea & Mint teabag. Just snip it open with scissors & pour it in. I like the freshness of mint, although the essential oil on my skin would result in a blister. Green Tea is full of antioxidants - not sure if they transfer to your skin but nice to think so!
Stir the ingredients togethor using a non metal bowl & spoon; store in a plastic container. This makes enough for about 3 or 4 applications, & won't go off for a month or so. Yes, it looks gross but it works. It might separate in the container, but just stir it again, it will be ok. It doesnt contain the chemicals that make it look like a perfectly cohesive unicorn rainbow turd. This is a good thing.
In the shower, just take a smallish amount & rub it into your skin in a circular motion, then rinse off. Easy! I find that my skin feels almost too moisturized for a few hours, it's almost the same feeling you get after having a bath with bath oil. My skin is fairly dry & sensitive (thank you Irish ancestors!) & this scrub doesnt aggravate my skin at all.
Also, if your kidlets decide to taste test it you wont have to take them to the emergency ward! Bonus! (Mothers of boys, can I hear an amen!?)
Mrs BC

Meet Sam; the Family Harmony Fish

You can read about him here.

So far, he is doing his job.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Home Hairdressing Horror

Every few weeks, Mr BC buzz cuts his own head with a Breville clipper - a long standing arrangement that is both economical & stylish, for him. For months now both The Gentleman & Monkeyboy have been begging for 'spikey hair just like Daddy'. I've been resisting, telling them to wait until the first day of the school holidays, because as any child knows, that day is so far off to be almost non existant...except last Saturday, when the day arrived & my bluff was called.

Monkeyboy wasn't enjoying the experience so much..

And did a runner before his 'Doo' was can't see the back in this photo.

Halfway through cutting The Gentleman's uber luxuriant natural beige locks, the Breville gave up the ghost, resulting in an extremely bizzare style. Most unfortunate! Mr BC had to run off to Kmart to buy another Breville, during which time the boys made the most of their amusing hairstyles. Monkeyboy looks a little like a ranga Grinch, dont you think? The Gentleman looks like Mr Burns, in his wild youth..

The Gentleman was quite happy to have his haircut completed, but Monkeyboy got skittish again, & ran around like this for a few hours.

Eventually Mr BC manged to clip off the lonely sideburn, & both boys are now the proud owners of 'spikey hair just like Daddy.'

I hope this is well & truly out of their system, because I think they look like White Supremacists. We went to a festival the next day & I made them wear beanies, but they kept taking their beanies off to show everyone their shaved heads!!
Mr BC gets fits of hysterical man-giggles everytime we talk about it. Or rather, everytime I complain about it. He says that The Gentleman looks like Tripitaka, & that Monkeyboy looks like Uncle Fester. This is what I'm going with, because the white supremacist thing isn't so funny!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Market Day on Moreton Bay

Every Sunday there is a farmer's market at the end of my street, right next to Moreton Bay. It's beautiful - lots of actual farmers selling fresh fruit & vegetables, the egg man, the cheese guy, olives, pickles, fresh baked goods, assorted clothing & accessories, kitchen stuff, crystals, bonsai, native plants, garden statues, handmade baby clothing, artists selling paintings, some kids toys. It is crowded with locals & tourists drinking fresh coffee, juice or local softdrink, eating dutch pancakes, pasties, charity sausage sizzles, japanese crepes, ice cream or that awesome market pop corn. What do they put in that stuff, besides crack? It's so addictive! All this with the sparkly ocean as a back drop, while some guy in the middle makes music by alternating between a saxaphone & a didgeridoo. It's heaven, & I'm lucky to have it.

The above photo is my weekly average buy of about $40. Please excuse the state of the table top, it needs to be resurfaced, & it will be. But that is a project for when the chaos boys are a bit more responsible.

And that corn? Can I just say? To.die.for.

I have only bought eggs from the egg man once. They where beautiful & fresh with big dark yellow yolks, but then I cracked one that had a double yolk, & I was all bonus! Score! Until I noticed that one of the yolks was a sort of dark grey colour, & was hard. ish. And I almost vomited. And can't bring myself to venture into the world of free range eggs again. Which is a shame, because when I went to use supermarket eggs from our fridge recently, I found this, courtesy of the talented Teenage Daughter.

How am I supposed to crack these?
Lucky I'm such a hard be-otch!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What DO you call man boobs on a woman?

Today while walking I spotted the peaceful yoga-ers, stretching & such, under their tree. Mental note to self = Must sign up for that soon, keep walking. Notice that one of the yoga group has bought a small child along, to add to the peaceful serentity of the beachside yoga experience. Child is adorable, & has his own mat. He looks about 18 months old, the perfect age to sit quietly & not cause any annoying distraction.....No fucking way!! Erase previous mental note. Find different yoga class.
I am enjoying the walking, still going 4 times per week. I am increasing the distance I walk, soon I will add intensity with some hills. Bloody hell it's making me hungry. I must be ready to Zhumba. Or my arse is. Well not atually my arse, that is disapearing. It is doing that middle age man thing of migrating around to my tummy. So now I have that no arse, fat gut look. *sigh* I don't even like beer, and soon I'll have man boobs. What do you call man boobs on a woman? You can't call them chesticles, or moobs, or man-cans. Lady bumps? How about just boobs? Actually my boobs are still as spectacular as ever, even if they have breastfed 3 children, including the youngest who was almost the boy who would not wean. OK, OK, they are a bit less than perky but they've earned their rest haven't they?
If men have so many delightful names for their tired bits, what do they call their stomachs? What do I, who has carried & ceasared 3 children with it, call mine? I don't have a six pack, I've got the whole keg? My friend calls her's a 'sloppy tummy'...which doesn't sit right with me, and neither does my tummy.
After baby number 3 (who was quite large) was born, my stomach muscles separated. And then divorced. And then one side just went awol & completely ripped away from my pubic bone, leaving the other one to be a single stomach muscle & do all the work without any help...hang on, what was this post about? Focus, Mrs BC!
Apparently this is quite common, & explains why so many mummy's have mummy tummys. Well I don't like it. I want it gone. I think I will start a surgery fund - they have the technology, they CAN rebuild it. Would you like to donate? Good, I'll start a paypal account.
Bionic Belly, here I come.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Look, I'm not a Chicken Sexer, OK?

The Gentleman's class is hosting one dozen eggs, that have hatched into chickens over the last week or so. He was heartbroken that we didn't chickensit some over the weekend, but Mr BC & I thought it just wasn't a good idea - last year The Gentleman was gifted a small guinea pig that Happy Dog 'played' with until it died of a heart attack. In front of the Gentleman. Who was traumatised, & rightly so. I mean there wasn't any blood or anything, but there sure was a dead guinea pig. Anyway, we thought that if it happened again with classroom chickens it would be a bad bad thing..

So today, Mr BC picks up The Gentleman from school (he does this very occasionaly), & walks in the door with 3 baby chickadees in a box! It seems we are to chickensit after all. The wee chicks are sooo cute, they look like they belong on an easter hat. And guess what? We can keep them if we want!

Um, no.

I don't mind defying the council & keeping a few chooks, actually I'm quite looking forward to it. But we havent got a chicken coop sorted & they wont survive the dog's maniacal playtime for long without the protection of chickenwire. Also, they are too small (for my untrained eyes) to tell if they are boys or girls, & I dont want a noisy non egg laying rooster.

Also, I only want black chickens...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Recently I bought a siamese fighting fish. Instead of a tank, I put it in my favourite vase (Christofle Teardrop) with a small castle ornament & a big handful of tiny tumbled gemstones. Siamese fighting fish have a special way of breathing that means they do not need an air filter in their tank to survive.

I did this to create emotional harmony within our home - water being the element of emotions, the castle representing our house, The fish is very protective of its territory; and the gemstones give it all some extra oomph. Yes, the irony of selecting a siamese fighting fish to aid emotional harmony doesn't escape me, but I figured the fish fights for something important, something worth fighting for; family harmony is worth fighting for, yes? Also the vase is very special to me & has great emotional value invested in it, I wouldn't put any old crap in there...

What? Yes I AM witchy like that, get over it. It's not the only thing that defines me.

The Gentleman has named the fish Sam. The fish is really cool, it changes colour from frosty lavender to red to dark blue; something The Gentleman is pretty impressed with.

'Is it one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish?' I ask with a smile, oh I am such a clever mum, inserting references to age appropriate literature!

'No Mum', says The Gentleman. I can play this game too! 'It's the Rainbow Fish!'

Touche, Gentleman.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mind the Monkey

Climbing onto the washing machine to ride the spin cycle & changing the settings. No harm, easy to fix.

Not so Cute
Taking the washing machine hose out of the laundry tub & rediverting the grey water onto the floor. This went unnoticed until the next day, after a full load's worth of water had flooded the laundry floor, the downstairs toilet floor & the floor to my desk area where I *try* & start/enjoy/complete craft projects. The area is also used to store lots of stuff, that can't go into the outside shed in case it gets water damaged. Oh, the irony, it's so funny.

The Damage
1 single mattress
1 cot mattress
1 large bag filled with cot linen that was 'too good' to give to charity - beautiful sheets & comforters that where lovingly created/handsewn by Grandma & Nanny.
1 half finished craft project - a notice board made using a vintage frame, wadding & a beautiful scarf that I've had forever. Luckily I had removed the ribbon that was criss crossing the front, to play around with it a bit more.. Well now all I have is that ribbon & the frame.
I was able to dry out the mattresses & spent half a day washing the cot linen, but I still had to throw a bit away.
You know those tourists that spot a cute monkey while visiting a temple & are all "ohhhhhh Sweeeeet!!" & then that monkey bites their neck & steals their sunglasses & bitch slaps them?
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