Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bathroom Intervention

"Zorg, step away from the waste disposal unit"
"Just leave me alone! Whats Bakugan Dragon doing here anyway?No one even knows who he is!"
"Come on Zorg, your life is going down the drain!"
"Don't call me Zorg, I'm your father damn it!"

Blog? What Blog?

This one of course! I've been cruising around checking out all of the other fine blogs & noticed that all of them have a post somewhere appologizing for not posting so much. And I don't want that, so, you know, fuck it.

I HAVE been very busy though.

Things I have done lately;
  1. Had my mother in law to stay. I thought for one night, but SURPRISE! "You've got me for 10 days!' Not really so bad, I am not complaining that much. She stays here during tennis tournament season so she can go & umpire, so she wasnt here most of the time. And she did treat us to chinese for dinner. And the monkeys adore her. And she is happy to baby sit occasionaly.
  2. My father became very ill while on a grey nomad caravan tour, which was a bit stressful. He was in Karumba, which all grey nomads rave about, but doesnt seem to have anything within 200 kms beside a caravan park, & a fish & chip shop. And a small airport, which is lucky, because the Flying Docter service airlifted him to Mt Isa. Mt Isa is a small mining community just over 1500 kms from here. Dad is much better & is back in civilisation (I'm LYING he is in JINDABYNE) close to his own docters & creature comforts, but my sister & I had many many phone conversations about which flight we should be on to Mt Isa.
  3. The shed is installed & full of crap, which is awesome because it means the crap is out of the house!
  4. I have almost organised downstairs into some sort of workable space, which includes a desk space of my very own. Wooooooooot!! This, my friends, is brilliant. I am so extaticly happy to finally carve out a space of my own to create stuff in. To leave projects half done & get back to them when I can, rather than have to pack everything up to save it from the monkeys. Which means, that most of the time I don't bother starting anything at all because it would need to be packed up fairly quickly. But this space? My new WORKSHOP space? Has a lockable door.
  5. I have started making a notice board using a vintage scarf & an op shop picture, but it needs more work so I will show you when it is finished. (I did this in my workshop space. have I told you about this? It's fabulous.)
  6. Attended some festivals. I am not the grooming nazi (no, really) but PLEASE. Redcliffe Show seemed to be full of people trying out to be hill billy extras in a Deliverance remake. I didnt hear any banjos, but I did see some disturbing dental work, & far be it from me to make fun of anyone over that. The Teneriffe Festival, by comparison, had a Vueve Clicquot & Oyster stand. No Joke. No free samples though, now that's a joke.
  7. Started organising, with Cheryl Anne, our father's 70th Birthday. We are planning nice finger food, a slide show, some margarita machines, & a dessert buffet. I do need to create the invites so if anyone knows of a great website where I can do this, please let me know!
  8. Each monkey was invited to a friends birthday party, held at a play centre. Luckily on separate days, so they both got to double their fun. Generally the kids (mine & other people's) where well behaved, which was a delightful surprise, although I did have to stop myself from punching one mother on the face for being a nasty bitch.
  9. Took the Gentleman to the local Garden Centre, where they had just unpacked a vespa out of their container from Bali. Thankfully, it wasnt for sale, much to the Gentleman's dismay.
  10. Introduced Monkey Jnr to this wonderfully loud, electrical machine with a pointy stick that you can poke things at. It's a win win situation!
See, it's a whirlwind of domestic paradise around here. Please excuse me while I go & remove the dog crap from my slippers.
Mrs BC
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