Sunday, October 10, 2010

House Renovations

Mr BC & I bought this, our very first house, just over 3 years ago. It was an utter bomb, & had a family of dirty bogans living in it. They left the house in an astonishingly disgusting state, but we didn't care that much because we where about to move into our first house!!

In the 2 weeks between settlement day & moving day, we managed to;
  • Rip up the carpet & polish the floorboards
  • Steam off approx 5 layers of wall paper from 2 rooms
  • Repaint the entire inside, upstairs & downstairs
  • Remove half of the bathroom 'built ins'
  • Remove some of the kitchen 'built ins'
  • Remove the garage door mechanism & replaster internally
  • Replace all of the light fittings
  • Replace all of the light switches & power points
  • Replace half of the window furnishings
  • Dissinfect every surface at least 3 times
We did this by working our elderly parents remorselessly. And then we moved in. And then, 2 days later, Monkey Boy was born.
Since that time, we have;
  • Replaced the oven
  • Completely renovated the bathroom
  • Repainted the outside of the house
  • Installed some whirly gigs (Mr BCs favourite)
  • Painted feature walls
  • Remodelled the front fence, & painted the fence on 3 sides of the property
  • Replaced the clothes line
  • Installed a large amount of drainage into the yard
  • Removed an above ground pool
  • Built some raised vegetable gardens, including an outside fireplace
  • Relandscaped extensively
  • Rewired most of the house
  • Updated some of the plumbing
  • Installed ceiling insulation
  • Replaced the hot water heater
  • Replaced ceiling fans
  • Installed another shed
  • Updated the stair railing
  • Turned the carport into a loggia
  • Rearranged the furniture endlessly
There are still many, many things to do around here, but far from being exhausted we are full of enthusiasm to get it all done. Mr BC & I have many midnight conversations over cups of tea, walking around the house inside & out, discussing & planning. It's the only time we can string 2 thoughts togethor without the children sucking up our brainspace...
The things on the top of our 'to do' house list currently include;
  • Replacing the current ramshackle side fence & installing a tall colourbond fence between our house & Cape Fear. Mr BC would prefer barb wire along the top, so will have to price that option.
  • Updating the kitchen. Please, dear god, let this be soon. No, please.
  • Replace some window furnishings with plantation shutters
  • Solve a flooring dilemma - some of the uncovered floorboards turned out to be chipboard, were the balcony was origionally enclosed. Gross. To cover with tile? Fake floorboards?
  • Repaint the front door in a nice Fung Shoi red to attract prosperity & good fortune
Things on the bottom of our 'to do' house list include;
  • Installing a deck, & therefore replacing one wall of the lounge room with french doors.
  • Knocking out some walls to enlarge the loungeroom
  • Putting a two storey addition at the other end of the house to provide 3 new bedrooms
  • Enclosing the front stairs
  • Installing an internal spiral staircase/library room
  • Updating the laundry
  • Installing a bathroom downstairs
These lists are not complete, by any means. We have done most of the work ourselves. Mr BC continues to impress me with his handyman skills, & his willlingness to give anything a go. It is so rewarding to turn this tiny little house into something larger than the sum of its parts, using our own hands, ideas, imagination & resourcefulness. Finally, 20 years of reading decorating magazines has paid off!
I find it frustrating that things like laundry, work & the budget get in the way of renovating projects, but I guess that makes the completion of them all the more satisfying. Lets just keep repeating that, shall we?
So, in the background of many of the photos I post, you might see a disgusting kitchen splashback, some rubble, a pile of bricks, or some other hideous decor....know that these things are shortlived, & that I will keep you informed of progress along the way. With photos, I promise.
Mrs BC


  1. I'm exhausted just reading your list! There's always a lot of work to make a house a home. Thanks for your comments. Re: tree grinding, fortunately the two eldest were at school and the youngest was blissfully asleep.xx

  2. Ah, the joys of home ownership. We're 3.5 yrs into our first house, and our lists look very similar. :) I wish I had known what a process it would be! Good luck with the rest of your list.

  3. oh my! you two are work horses! you have been so busy and I am really, really impressed with your efforts! keep it up and I hope you are finding some time to relax and enjoy your handy work. naomi x

  4. WOW!!! You guys sure have been busy... I bet it feels good to know that you have worked hard and that it has all been worth it because the house is yours..

    Jodie :)

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